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GreenMax Lawn Care has been helping homeowners increase the health of their Lawns for more than 20 years. We are a family-owned company with the experience and knowledge to keep your lawn green and actively growing all season long. Our climate makes it difficult for homeowners to achieve a beautiful lawn without the help of a professional, the proper timing and material is critical.

What To Expect When You Hire GreenMax Lawn Care Specialists:

A Licensed and Certified Commercial Applicator will inspect and perform the proper procedures to green up and strengthen your lawn. 

Our equipment is calibrated to allow precise applications of our products that keep your lawn strong for the entire growing season.

Weeds and insects will weaken your lawn, Integrated Pest Management procedures are implemented to control weeds and insects by targeting only the “problem” areas and we keep your lawn healthy and beautiful in an Eco Friendly way, with the absolute minimum use of “pesticides”.

If you spot a problem, give us a call. We’ll come right out to fix it, if it is covered by our service program. If your lawn needs something special, we’ll explain the cause of the problem and how it can be corrected.

From time to time, the condition of your lawn may call for special care to restore or enhance its health and quality. GreenMax has the equipment and knowledge to maximize your yard’s beauty.  

Call today for a free audit of your lawn.

Our Custom Solutions will keep your 
Lawn Green and Weed Free
Lawn Care Services
Lawn Care Services
Lawn Care Services
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Lawn Care Services

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choosing the right lawn care company is critical
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Choosing the Right Lawn Care Company

Given the various duties of lawn care companies today . . .
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Watering your lawn is an essential component to the . . .
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