In New Jersey, the best time to aerate and seed your lawn is in the Fall when the weather is getting cooler if you want a thick, lush lawn in the Spring.  This process is called Core Aeration & Overseeding.

Aeration is a vital element for a healthy lawn as it creates access to the root zone where nutrients are absorbed which will stimulate root growth, creating a healthier and thicker lawn.  Overseeding is done at the same time which will thicken the lawn and provide new growth.

We hear all the time from our customers that they want their lawn to look like a golf course.  Aerating and overseeding is a critical step in the process to obtain a lush green lawn.  

Benefits of Core Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

    -    Relieves compacted soil
    -    Reduces thatch which creates an environment for pests & disease
    -    Reduces weeds
    -    Creates an excellent place for grass seed germination
    -    Introduces new grass and fills in bare areas
    -    Stimulates root growth 
    -    Improves water penetration
    -    Allows water, air & nutrients to penetrate the root zone
    -    Improved lawn health
    -    Improved lawn appearance

After the lawn aeration process is complete and your new lawn is established, your lawn will grow thicker and healthier. 

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